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DRAM exam two - DRAM 115 Exam Two Review plays and notes...

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DRAM 115 Exam Two Review plays and notes for an overview of the following : Plays: Basics of plot, character and theme, especially scenes and speeches discussed in class Woyzeck by Georg Buchner Main Characters: Woyzeck: main character; kills Marie because she no longer loves him Marie: mother of Woyzeck’s child; is killed by Woyzeck Captain Doctor Drum Major Sergeant Andres Margaret Summary: Woyzeck is still in love with Marie, but she no longer has feelings for him and flirts with a drum major. Woyzeck provides her with money by subjecting himself to several tests performed by the doctor, including following a diet based strictly on peas, which messes with his head. He grows jealous when he sees Marie dancing happily with the drum major and kills her. Themes: Poverty: Poverty defines and creates Woyzeck’s character Suffering: Poverty causes his suffering on an economic and social level Biblical: Woyzeck and Marie as Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary Madness: Society’s treatment of Woyzeck causes his madness Violence The Poor of New York by Dion Boucicault **(melodrama)** Main Characters: Captain Fairweather: honest man who dies in Bloodgood’s bank where his $100,000 deposit is stolen Gideon Bloodgood: banker and thief who steals Fairweather’s $100,000 after he dies and uses it to make his fortune Badger: witness of the theft and recipient of $3,000 as a bribery to keep his mouth shut; takes the signed receipt from Fairweather’s pocket as later evidence of the theft; ruins Bloodgood Mark Livingstone: owner of a wealthy family name, but he lost his fortune and now is at the mercy of Bloodgood; wishes to marry Lucy but Alida won’t allow it Paul: Captain Fairweather’s son searching for work
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Puffy: poor and honest man Dan: son of Mr. Puffy Edwards: Bloodgood’s servant Mrs. Fairweather: wife of the captain; her and Lucy want to commit suicide to end their troubles Mrs. Puffy: nice woman who helps the Fairweathers although she is dirt poor Alida: Bloodgood’s daughter who wants to marry Livingstone for his name because although she is rich, her name is still not considered at the top of society Lucy: Fairweather’s daughter who wants to commit suicide to end her troubles Summary: Captain Fairweather comes into Bloodgood’s bank and makes a $100,000 deposit. Bloodgood decides to take the money and flee, offering Badger $3,000 to not say anything, but Captain soon returns and changes his mind. When Bloodgood will not give him the money back, he becomes outraged and dies of a stroke. The story resumes twenty years later, when Bloodgood has made a fortune and other families are struggling. Badger returns and tells Bloodgood that he is going to turn him in unless he gives him a large amount of money. Bloodgood tries to find the receipt, can’t find it, so he burns Badger’s house. Badger recovers the receipt just in time, and Bloodgood is proved guilty. His fortune is returned to the Fairweather family. Ghosts
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DRAM exam two - DRAM 115 Exam Two Review plays and notes...

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