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Eng 1 Kyle Eng The Negative Effects of Change Malcolm Gladwell’s Power of Context forces criminal psychologists and people in general to think more broadly of a person’s reasoning. Context is defined as a given situation someone or something is placed in. Neurologist Oliver Sacks debates the benefits one takes in achieving greater visual perception in his essay, The Mind’s Eye . Similarly, Henry Jenkins poses the argument that a child can mature progressively by using the Internet in his essay, Why Heather can Write . However, does change equate to improvement? In the discussion of adaptations and reasoning, all three authors deal with change within context. When analyzing situations given by Jenkins, we see there may be a downside when using the Internet. As Gladwell agrees, a person’s actions are based on the immediate surroundings, yet many times, these surroundings produce negative results. Arguably, even though Sacks proves that there are advantages of adapting when blinded, there are also several undesirable consequences that take place during this changeover. The negative effects the Power of Context has on a person is revealed in Sacks and Jenkins’ essay by perceptions of reality, the way people partake in activities, and the governance of an individuals’ lives. While Jenkins states kids can potentially draw major benefits from using the Internet, there are just as many drawbacks. Such negative aspects of a person aren’t normally noticed until they start using the web. Such troubling problems could range from a change in identity to a concept such as brainwashing. Also, there are negative effects of becoming blind, other than the disability itself, like knowing what is real and what is illusionary. Gladwell says a person’s immediate situation dictates what actions will be taken, and many times, those actions are
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Eng 2 harmful. Such decisions in these cases are rash and unpredictable. Therefore, they should not be expected to end well. It is no surprise that our participation in certain activities affect who we are as individuals. However, what is shocking are the negative effects that may result from a supposed- to-be beneficial purpose. For example, Heather Lawver, from Why Heather Can Write , is a home-schooled student who launched a website that was introduced as a fun, outside learning tool for young kids. Heather backs her claim, stating that it “enabled kids to immerse themselves into the imaginary world of Hogwarts” (Jenkins 276). Kids start to play make believe and eventually, they to go too far. The healthy interest turns into an obsession, and fixed fictional
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final; jenkins, sacks, gladwell - Eng 1 Kyle Eng The...

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