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Kyle Eng Rootless Self-Esteem Michael Hardy Expository Writing 101 School has been seen as an environment to learn comfortably in, yet in the recent years, it has been a place to learn how to feel good about oneself rather than as an opportunity to pursue education. Member of Generation Me Jean Twenge identifies several different psychic states, such as thinking about the self, having self-esteem, and being a narcissist and how they come about in her essay, An Army of One: Me . Science writer Malcolm Gladwell also addresses human characteristics in his essay, The Power of Context . In addition to how these characteristics come about, he also discusses why they reveal themselves under certain conditions, which are exemplified by multiple psychological experiments. Psychologically, they both discuss the metal stability of people and how people change accordingly when outside of their comfort zone. Although people are raised differently, the foundation of self-esteem for many of us can be so shaky at times that it becomes dependent on the context we are placed in. Self is usually implied as who we are and how we think of ourselves, which is taught to us as an unconditional truth. Although many people support the importance of self-esteem, few people have given thought to how it should be taught. Jean Twenge discusses how kids learn the importance of self in her essay. She states that “Most of these programs encourage children to feel good about themselves for no particular reason” (Twenge 766). That is to say, we should think highly of ourselves regardless of any given situation. Twenge brings up a case in which a girl named Emily received a grade of fifty, yet was told by her teacher that she did fine. While 1
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this promotes high self-esteem and makes Emily feel good about herself, it leaves her vulnerable in several ways; she gains a false sense of self-esteem, and at the same time, she will not be prepared to accept the truth about her poor academic performance. Not only that, but since she was told that receiving a grade of fifty was satisfactory, she will not try any harder because she thinks she received a sufficient grade. However, how we think of ourselves correlate to the
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final;gladwell, twenge - 1 Kyle Eng Rootless Self-Esteem...

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