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Eng 1 Kyle Eng The Negative Effects of Change Malcolm Gladwell’s Power of Context forces criminal psychologists and people in general to think more broadly of a person’s reasoning. Context, in this phrase, is defined as a given situation someone or something is placed in. Because of this context, it isn’t fair to say a person committed a crime because of his childhood. Neurologist Oliver Sacks debates the disadvantage of physical blindness against the conformations one takes in achieving a greater state of visual perception. Similarly, Henry Jenkins poses the argument that a generation’s change towards exposure to the Internet has a benefit to his social life. However, does change equate improvement? In the discussion of adaptations and reasoning, all three authors deal with change. When analyzing situations given by Jenkins, we see kids may depend of the Internet’s up rise more than they should. As Gladwell agrees, a person’s actions are based on the immediate surroundings, yet many times, these surroundings produce negative results. Arguably, even though Sacks proves that there are advantages of adapting when blinded, there are also several undesirable consequences that place during this changeover. Although all three authors have nuances in their arguments, they also open insight upon the negative effects the Power of Context has on a person. It is no surprise that our participation in certain activities affect who we are as individuals. However, what is shocking are the negative effects that may result from a supposed- to-be beneficial purpose. For example, Heather Lawver is a home-schooled student who launched a website that was introduced as a fun, outside learning tool for young kids. She bases her site on the fictional story, Harry Potter . Heather backs her claim, stating that it “enabled kids
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rough2; jenkins, sacks, gladwell - Eng 1 Kyle Eng The...

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