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Kyle Eng Writing as a Learning Tool; Technology for the Better As one sixteen-year-old Harry Potter fan says, “It is one thing to be discussing the theme of a short story you’ve never heard of before and couldn’t care less about. It is another to be discussing the theme of your friend’s 50,000 word opus about Harry and Hermione that they’ve spent three months writing” (280). When learning becomes fun and engaging, potential never ceases. That’s why writing is such a great learning tool for avid learners. It is not uncommon for these ambitious youngsters to speak at the university level. Furthermore, they may act so grown up at times that they would take initiatives that many adults would simply neglect. Needless to say, writing helps in school in subjects such as English and reading while encouraging kids to interact with their peers. While few people like writing, no one can argue the benefits of it. Writers who start writing fan fiction at a young age mature as adults quicker. Take Heather Lawver for example. Lawver is actually so far ahead that people forget she is barely a teen because her language sounds like a college student’s. For instance, she states that she will “provide reassurance that the site will protect children’s actual identities and that she will screen posts to ensure that none contain content inappropriate for younger participants” (Jenkins 276). Besides her teacherly language, there has also been other ways she has proven herself as an adult. According to Jenkins, when Heather received a cease-and-desist letter for her site, she immediately brought up the issue to the British media, which was then known all around the globe (287). In comparison, not many 13-year-old kids would have drawn attention to a trivial issue like this. Heather has clearly proven her maturity, and writing seems to have been a major 1
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factor in doing so. If every young adult takes action like Heather did, our world will have a promising future. Not only does writing fan fiction help maturity, but it also aids in school work. When young adults publish their stories on websites, their stories are critiqued by beta readers. These editors are kids of the same age who “read critically to analyze stylistic problems, consistency, plot holes, realism and appropriateness of dialogue” (282). This community of peer editors are
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essay; jenkins - 1 Kyle Eng Writing as a Learning Tool;...

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