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rough; gladwell twenge - When self gets out of control it...

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When self gets out of control, it can be affected by the media, and personality disorders like narcissism may develop. Self is usually implied as who we are and how we think of ourselves, which is taught to us as an unconditional truth. That is to say that we should think highly of ourselves, regardless of any given situation; people who do change accordingly are often wrongly labeled hypocrites. On the contrary, it is everything but that. Hewitt, a teacher at the University of Massachusetts, compares self esteem to religion. He states, “When the importance of self esteem is challenged, a major part of the contemporary American view of the world is challenged” (Twenge 768). Taught to GenMe, the modern generation, self-esteem is taught without any substance. When kids in our modern generation are questioned as to why they feel special, a response is usually absent. Realistically, they don’t feel very important anymore because they have no real basis, as is the existence of God. These sudden changes in self esteem can also be seen in our personalities. Malcolm Gladwell illustrates this change of self in his essay, The Power of Context . He states “people who watched Peter Jennings on ABC were more likely to vote republican than people who watched either Tom Brokaw or Dan Rather because, in some unconscious way, Jennings was able to signal his affection for Republican candidates” (Gladwell 243). The self within us can be affected unknowingly by something so wide-spread, such as the
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rough; gladwell twenge - When self gets out of control it...

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