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Patriarchs such as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are usually the receivers of the divine blessing, but when it coms to matriarchs this is only the case when they are called up from the past to serve as model for the building of Israel Pardes argues that the peaceful construction of matrilineal tradition within the framework of blessing addressed to a would be father revelas what she calls idyllic revisionism B.M. Vellas critizicizes that the book of Ruth os a polemic against the strict prohibition to marry foreign women at this time pg 99 However pardes argues that the harmonious character of Ruth does not preclude a poelemic angle Ruth is both a foeiegner and a women and her inclusion within the house of Istral
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Unformatted text preview: calls for a different perception of this house and a greater recognition of it female builders. • Primary violation of conventions in the book of Ruth is the gender of the protagonists • The central plot of Ruth is a female one • The case with biblical narrative is the main plot precedes the subplot • The main problems evident are that of Ruth and Naomi and men are not introduces unitl later • Book of Ruth makes refrences to the matriarchs of Leah and Rachel-tessera • Ruth and other women serve prinipal patriarchial values such as the preservation of line and a return to the promised land •...
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