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FRANCE NOTES BOOK - economic policy should be like •...

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FRANCE NOTES BOOK In trying to understand the complicated evolutiopn of French politics we can limit the attention to the Third and Fourth Republic and concentrate on key themes rather than historical details Political life was defined by a multiparty system, immomible parliament, centralization, and an alienated culture The radicals in believed in liberal democracy, anticlericilism, and free-market capitalism The Guallists in the nineteenth century demanded strong leadership French parties are so divided that a government like that of Britian was difficult to attain o There were many small parties that made it difficult for things to be passed o President and prime minister had no power to dissolve parliament It was also difficult for there was a negative consensus on what social and
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Unformatted text preview: economic policy should be like • French political culture o There are many widespread protest throughout the French political history o By the 1970’s the French had come to resemble that of British and American in which many have confidence in their government officials • The turning point for all this were the events of May were evidence of a new kind of alienation pg114 • New Divisions o France has a significant minority population, however now many of the immigrants have not assimilated which sparked resentement from traditionalists • Political participation o Many political scientists argued that political parties failed • Go into book and read pages...
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