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Memory 5 Amnesia (studtfull)

Memory 5 Amnesia (studtfull) - Amnesia Amnesia = A"without...

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Amnesia Amnesia = A (“without”) + MNESIA (memory) Neuropsychology : the branch of psychology where function & structure intersect; e.g., what parts of the brain may be specialized for memory storage and retrieval? For different kinds of memories? I. Types of Amnesia A. Retrograde Amnesia : 1. Classic soap-opera type amnesia, where due to some trauma (e.g., a car accident), a patient forgets part of their past 2. Typically, only the recent months or years just before the trauma are lost E.g., Butters & Cermak (1986) studied P.Z., an eminent scientist who developed Korsakoff’s syndrome** in 1965 (at age 65). When tested on other famous scientists & personal information, he could best recall the distant past. Results Memory for events from autobiography % remembered 1916-30 70 1930-40 50 1940-50 41 1950-60 30 1960-70 0 1970-80 0 **due to a thiamin deficiency caused by chronic alcoholism. The thiamin deficiency is particularly acute in the hippocampus.
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B. Anterograde Amnesia : 1. difficulty in learning new information after a trauma 2. Classic case: H.M. , with bilateral damage to temporal lobes & underlying hippocampus --I.Q. of 118, and digit span of 7, but severe longer-term memory deficits --may read the same newspaper over and over --he can remember much of his past before the operation (some retrograde amnesia) --after 6 months at a new job, could not give a description of what he does, route to work, etc.
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Memory 5 Amnesia (studtfull) - Amnesia Amnesia = A"without...

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