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midterm sg answers

midterm sg answers - 1 Gradualism is the long process the...

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1. Gradualism is the long process the lead the UK to beomeing a democracy. This started with the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 and this lead Uk on the way to having the least unrest and the most consenusual history of any toher country. Gradualism worked well in the Uk for it never had to deal with two of the major transformations at any one time. These include building a nation state, establishing a liveral democracy, dealing with the church and state relationship, dealing with the industrial revolution. It also lead to a consensus 2. Britians Cons. Is based upon culture and tradition. They are principles that have been established by common law such as free speech and the sovierinity of parliament. There are also statute laws that refer to an act of parliament that may overthrow common law. The practice of tradition is that which has been set in the minds of people for it has been practiced for a long time. The pm coming from the majority is an example of this. 3. In Britian the prime minister is the head of the majority party. His powers include being able to call elections at any time he see fit, appointing his own cabinet without the consent of parliament, and determining the size of his cabinet. He is however under a great amount of pressue from his party and the public. The parlimetn is divided bw the upper and lower houses. The house of lords, the uh, consists of those by heriditray but also those who have been appointed. The lower house, commons, is unuslually divided among the majority and minority parties. The House of Commons determines who governs and which laws could be passed. They are elected in single member districts in first past post elections. The minority party has its own shadow cabinet and PM that are basically there for debate. The backbenchers include members of the majority party that do not have posts. In germany the chancellor hold most of the real power and the president is mostly symbolic. The chancellor and bundestag hold power as long as parliament has confidence in them or until four years are over. Ch. Has the power to put uidelines and propose allmajor forms of legislation. Eight percent of the bundestag actually act so the chancellor’s power is greater. He is nto as powerful as the French President for he cannot call a referendum and hold emergency powers. Also the ch must work his way through the ranks. The bunestag is a bit more powerful than FR and BR. It is chosen on a proportional basis from each of their parties. It has the power to chose PM and pass legislation. It has more power than their counterparts. A lot of power also lies in
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its organization. The upper house the Bundesrat. It gives direct rep. in the national gove.
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midterm sg answers - 1 Gradualism is the long process the...

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