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posc final sg - 1. the problems that are evident in the...

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1. the problems that are evident in the third world are proverty, weak states, environmental threats, and ethnically based conflict. They lack a diversified economy in which the expansion of world trade has brough about a natinal debt crisis. They also have rapidly growing populations and this puts pressures on the environments. Globilization is also another major problem facing the third world. These global forces are limiting the states ability to maneuver. This created a form of dependency and these multinational corporations create amny problems among the 3 rd world. Most third world states have went under imperialism. There are three distinct phases of imperialism each taking a different route. Each though they encountered primitive people and aimed ot help them. They soon exploited the people and their natural resources. Soon these nations began to vie for independence and although they were free it also created many problems. One being that most of these nations eventually became military states. Also ethnic or religious differences led to mch conflict among the peoples. These problems were also caused by identity. There are a number of types of states in the third world. There are handful of democracies, single party regimes that were started as liberal constitution modeled after that of colonizers but soon fell, military regimes, personal dictatorships. 2. Colonialism remains that cuase fro the lack of a national identity. However due to the drawing of borders this was hard for many to do. They have little that hold their inhabitants togethers. The drawing of the borders pput people of different ethnic and religios backgrounds in the same areas for the borders were drawn for their own benefits. India was divided along a line that placed hindus and muslims within the same borders this created many problems as to the creation of the state. Eventually this was divided along the two line but many were still left in the middle. Iraq was pitted against itself throughout history. Today conflict between the Kurds and Arabs and Shiites and Sunnis hinder it nation building. 3. t 4. the Congres party of India has dominated political life for an extened period of time. They win overwhelming majority due to the single member districts done by British. It
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posc final sg - 1. the problems that are evident in the...

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