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Problem Solving (studtfull) - Problem Solving I. The...

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Problem Solving I. The Gestaltists A. 1. Main interests a. Perception 1-Perceptual Illusions 2-Innate Principles of Organization 2. Cognitive Restructuring e.g., Necker Cube -same stimulus, depending on how you perceive it, can appear two different ways -Likewise, problem solving involves perceiving a problem in a new way (Cognitive Restructuring), and seeing the patterns & proper relations among items in a problem e.g., Tale of Young Gauss (Productive vs. Reproductive Knowledge) B. Problem Solution 1. Insight : the (often) sudden restructuring that leads to solution of a problem (the “Eureka!” effect) 2. Insight is often preceded by a period of Incubation, where one is not consciously thinking of the problem. However, unconscious processes may be at work that lead to restructuring, and then to insight & solution.
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C. Fixation: Impediments to Problem Solution Fixation is the greatest impediment to insight & problem solution. Prior knowledge & old strategies may prevent us from seeing a useful structure or pattern within a problem. 1.
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Problem Solving (studtfull) - Problem Solving I. The...

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