11-10-08 ARCH 350 - 11-10-08 Arch 350General Terms:...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-10-08 Arch 350General Terms: Hellenistic Period, 321-31 BC Roman Conquest of Greece, 146 BC Building Types: Insula- large apartment buildings where the lower and middle classes of Romans (the plebs) dwelled. The floor at ground level was used for tabernas, shops and businesses with living space on the higher floors. Interwoven courtyards, shops, entrances irregularly planned. Lack of uniformity. Evidence of increasing social status, the row house, courtyard house, and peristyle house. Row House Courtyard House Mediterranean house with open center space with rooms disposed around the outside. Providing for circulation of light air, bodies. Peristyle House- Key Terms: Peristyle- a columned porch or open colonnade in a building that surrounds a court that may contain an internal gardeAndron- The andron is the area where the men of the house would entertain guests. The andron usually consisted of 3 to 4 couches and tables, oil lamps, and other artworks. part of a Greek house that is reserved for men, as and other artworks....
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11-10-08 ARCH 350 - 11-10-08 Arch 350General Terms:...

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