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Unformatted text preview: LECTURE ONE-JANUARY 14, 2008 STRUCTURAL FUNCTIONAL PERSPECTIVE A. WHAT IS STRUCTURAL FUNCTIONAL PERSPECTIVE? B. MAIN FEATURES C. PIONEERS: 1. AUGUST COMTE 2. HERBERT SPENCER 3. EMILE DURKHEIM 4. TALCOTT PARSONS D. SOCIAL STRATIFICATION STRUCTURAL FUNCTIONAL PERSPECTIVE A. STRUCTURAL FUNCTIONALISM? STRUCTURAL FUNCTIONALISM LOOKS AT THE SOCIAL SYSTEM AS AN INTEGRATED WHOLE. IT SUGGESTS THAT BOTH PARTS AND WHOLE ARE FUNCTIONAL AND PRODUCE EQUILIBRIUM. FUNCTIONALITY MAY BE:- INDIVIDUAL- Society fulfills your individual needs- INTERPERSONAL- Relationships, society gives you relationships- SOCIETAL-Educational Institutions, Economy, Politics, etc. B. MAIN FEATURES 1. SOCIETY AS AN INTEGRATED WHOLE- In a society there is an integration of relationships 2. SYSTEMATIC-Society always has systems, In every society there are certain appropriate ways to do to things, eventually becoming normal. They can be bad or good. 3. INDIVIDUALS ARE INDISPENSABLE-For a society to survive you have to have population and individuals. If individuals disappear, the society will disappear. Ex. There is an island of 5,000 people, something happened and all of the people died, (earthquake or war, etc) Now there isn’t anyone on the island so that island is no longer a society....
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