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Check, check, check that your answers make sense ASTR 1010 Introductory Astronomy – Solar System Mid-Term Exam 1 - ANSWERS The astute student would have noticed that many of the questions are directly from Mastering Astronomy quizzes for the first 3 chapters. 1 When astronomers say "we are star stuff" what do they mean? A. Movie stars and other people are all made of the same stuff, so we all have the potential to be famous. True – but not what astronomers mean. B. We could not survive without light from our star, the Sun. True again – but not what astronomers mean. C. Nearly every atom from which we are made was once inside of a star. See section 1.1 & Fig 1.2 D. Our overall chemical composition is about the same as that of stars. No – humans are not 94% hydrogen. 2 When we look at an object that is 1,000 light-years away we see it …. A. looking just the same as our ancestors would have seen it 1,000 years ago. No – most things change over 1000 years. B. as it is right now, but it appears 1,000 times dimmer. Nah. C. as it was 1,000 years ago. D. as it was 1,000 light-years ago. No – remember light-year is a unit of distance not time. 3 The diagram above shows the Sun among the constellations at noon, as we would see if stars were visible in the daytime. In which constellation will the Sun be at sunset? A. Leo B. Cancer C. Gemini Apparent motion of both Sun and stars is primarily due to Earth’s spin – so Sun stays in the same constellation from day to day (changes over timescale of a month). D. Taurus E. Pisces 4 Our solar system formed... A. relatively shortly after the Big Bang B. very recently – less than a tenth of the way back in time to the Big Bang C. about a third of the way back in time to the Big Bang – age of solar system ~4.5 billion years. Big Bang occurred about 14 billion years ago. D. before the Big Bang 5 A television advertisement claiming a product is light-years ahead of its time does not make sense because… A. a light-year is an astronomically large unit, so a product could not possibly be so advanced B. it doesn't specify the number of light-years C. it uses "light-years" to talk about time, but a light-year is a unit of distance. This explains why the other answers must be wrong. D. light-years can only be used to talk about light 6 An astronomical unit (AU) is A. the average distance between any two planets B. the average distance between the Sun and Earth. Straightforward definition C. any very large unit, such as a light-year D. the average distance between the Sun and Pluto 7 What is the ecliptic plane ?
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