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EE 215 Spring 06 Homework #5 1) Liu problem 10.3 2) Liu problem 10.8 3) Liu problem 10.9 4) Liu problem 10.10 5) (a) Run the anisotropic etch simulation for one sided and (b) two sided etching of a <100> wafer in IntelliSuite. (c) What would happen for two sided etching of a <100> wafer if the mask openings are large enough to allow the etch pits formed on either side to intersect each other in the middle of the wafer?
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Unformatted text preview: Choose suitably large mask openings and simulate this situation. Print out images of each of the final etch results above for (a) through (c). 6) Liu problem 11.9. You can use the standard PolyMUMPS software and template we have been using for our design projects. 7) Liu problem 11.12. The device design should include nozzles, fluid chambers, heaters, and ink inlets....
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