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Business Idea Project Rubric Students are expected to develop, in groups of three, a first-cut business plan based on one of their business ideas. The report can include appendices that will not count towards a page limit of 5 (min) – 8 (max) pages . It is reasonable to expect the students to have the following headings and subheadings in their project: Heading Executive Summary Product/Service Overview Description Primary target market o Brief marketing strategy Competitive Positioning o Description of competitors o Sustainable competitive advantage Financial Discussion Price point and revenue model Discussion of profitability / sustainability of business Operational Details Implementation plan Key risk and success factors Here are the guidelines for each heading: Executive Summary Briefly explains the idea, financing, and operational details in a concise manner No more than 250 words Product/Service Overview Description should explain why the idea is unique (competitive advantage)
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aem_120__business_idea_project_description[1] - Business...

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