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After a thorough analysis we recommend that Kathy Levinson not only donate money to the “No on Knight Initiative”, but also hold a prominent leadership role. We are very confident that this is the best choice for both Kathy, E*Trade, and the members of “No on Knight.” There were a few deciding factors in choosing this solution. First, we looked at the damage control needed to handle Kathy’s decision. We concluded that since Kathy is already openly lesbian this should come as a minor shock to investors. We also strongly believe that it will not thwart off new or existing clients. Our reasoning for this is due to Kathy Levinson’s prior performance with E*Trade. After Kathy Levinson joined the company sales jumped dramatically. (See Exhibit 2) Therefore, anyone that may detest Kathy’s leadership decisions could take note of her superb performance. Christos Cotsakos knows that Kathy is a very valuable asset to the company. If he were to fire or reprimand of her based on her decision, he would be greatly hurting the company. Christos may also feel that this is the best ethical choice for himself as well as for Kathy. His
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