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DSOC 1101: Prelim II Study Companion Good luck with your studying. This guide is not intended to be exhaustive, nor is the exam complete in its entirety at the time I'm putting it together. Know the information that I'm highlighting on this sheet. If you've been doing the readings and paying attention in class, you should be all set. For the most part, I'm not pointing you to particular readings, but there are definitely well placed hints. ... Things to know: ALL CORE CONCEPTS FROM “GENDER & SOCIETY” THROUGH “THE NEW CLASS SOCIETY” AND: -How life course odds AND financial well-being are influenced by marriage -Generally what sex and gender are, according to how they have been presented in this course. -The connection between music and social consciousness (hint: this is in a slide) -What the “second shift” refers to -What makes girls and boys popular? -The roots of racism in the United States AND
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Unformatted text preview: the history of race relations as presented in lecture-The relationship between health outcomes and perceived and relational socioeconomic status-What Dr. Bass' study about the fish indicated-What proximal and fundamental causes are-Perrucci and Wysong's “double-diamond” (and the general arguments that Perucci andWysong are making overall. Hint: there are several questions on this)-What Marx means when he talks about “alien power”-Why Japan's life expectancy is higher than the one in the U.S.-How class stratification and psychosocial variables effect health-Military Keynesianism-How economic restructuring, information capitalism and neoliberalism effect Black people and Jewish people in the United States. -Why Barack Obama being elected president doesn't mean the end of racial inequality. .. think of the intersection of race and class (we can talk about this in class)...
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