poster project powerpoint format

poster project powerpoint format - Ok, so the way I set up...

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Click to edit Master subtitle style 5/13/09 Ok, so the way I set up this outline is I took notes word for word from the sources I found. Then I copied each bit of information from the source and put it under the category that I belongs. Then I did the works cited stuff and numbered them, then each bit of information got a number for the source it came from (in case you need to site something within the text). I also included a table and diagram that looked interesting, as well as a picture of an orphaned baby gorilla and a picture of deforestation that I stumbled upon. Source 6 had HORRIBLE grammar, so that one is not word for word. I fixed it a bit, fyi. The Effects of Deforestation on Mountain Gorillas (couldn’t think of a better title) Mountain Gorilla Info. Gorillas spend most of their time on the ground, rather than in the tree tops, and the thick underbrush of secondary forest provides ample food, shelter, and nesting materials. Relentless deforestation has taken its toll on the gorilla population. Once gorillas lived deep in the forest where they were seldom seen. Now the forest is shrinking and timber companies are cutting roads that reach deep into the remaining forest, leaving the gorillas exposed and vulnerable. They are easy prey for poachers and are sometimes killed by farmers as well. (6) Gorillas have been forced into small islands of forest. Their naturally nomadic lifestyles are altered and they are cut off from contact with other gorillas. The long term effects on gorillas left isolated in small areas of forest are not entirely known, but disruption of their normal range and feeding patterns are apparent. When gorilla groups are cut off from one another they cannot exchange young, sexually mature members with other groups. This limit’s the genetic diversity needed to maintain a strong healthy population. (6) Bushmeat Trade “Although wild animal meat has long been part of the staple diet of indigenous forest dwellers, the rate at which these animals are being slaughtered has reached alarming new levels. This increase is most likely a direct consequence of deforestation. As things stand today the Bushmeat trade is the single greatest threat to the survival of the gorilla.” (1) “Bushmeat refers to any kind of wild (un-domesticated) meat from antelope to elephant, monkeys and even snakes and is a staple diet for many Africans.” (2)
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poster project powerpoint format - Ok, so the way I set up...

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