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Chapter 3--Prenatal Development Chart

Infants, Children, and Adolescents (6th Edition)

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Approximate Timetable of Prenatal Development   This page presents a detailed overview of human development from the time the sperm is united with the ovum until birth. Prenatal development is divided into three trimesters. During the first two months the developing human is referred to as an embryo. The embryo has three layers from which all body organs develop. During the second trimester the developing human is referred to as a fetus. During the third trimester, the individual is a baby which if born prematurely could survive with extra support. Premature births prior to the third trimester are less likely to survive, even with extraordinary medical care in a neonatal intensive care unit. First Trimester First Month Fertilization, descent of ovum from tube to uterus. Early cell division and formation of embryonic disc from which new organism will develop. Early formation of three layers of cells: (1) the ectoderm, from which sense organs and nervous system will develop (2) the mesoderm, from which circulatory, skeletal and muscular systems will develop (3) the endoderm, from which digestive and some glandular systems will develop. Special layer of cells formed in the
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Chapter 3--Prenatal Development Chart - Approximate...

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