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Lecture 7 - Fear of Crime and The Super Predators

Lecture 7 - Fear of Crime and The Super Predators - Fear of...

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Unformatted text preview: Fear of Crime and The Superpredator Fear does not have to be rational to have real consequences... Fear of Crime Fear of crime is often disproportionate with the likelihood of victimization Sources of fear of crime are diverse: prior victimization, television accounts, other media portrayals, feeling vulnerable... Fear of Crime Random violence by strangers causes the most fear Disproportionate fear" The elderly and women have the most fear but the least likelihood of victimization...young males tend to have the least fear but are at highest risk of victimization. The Superpredator It is Dr. John DiLulio Jr. who warned of the coming generation of superpredators... young violent offenders bereft of any moral sense and steeped in violent traditions... superpredators ...are juveniles who are coming of age in actual and "moral" poverty without the benefit of parents, teachers, coaches, or clergy to teach them right or wrong and show unconditional love. superpredators The idea of superpredators is controversial...there is evidence supporting the idea that the concept of superpredators is tabloid journalism and a real and pressing issue. The Superpredator controversy See google for Dr. Dilulio's position on the super-predator Or for information on dispelling the myth... ...
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