Lecture 32-Community Corrections Alternatives and Options

Lecture 32-Community Corrections Alternatives and Options -...

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Unformatted text preview: Community Corrections Alternatives and Options Community Corrections Community corrections (or communitybased corrections) is a sentencing style or philosophy that depends on the availability of community resources. Probation Parole Home confinement/EHA Work release...Furloughs Community Corrections Probation: May be imposed at an alternative to confinement...in lieu of incarceration sentence (which may be suspended)... May be imposed as a straight sentence May be imposed as a split sentence May be imposed subsequent to shock incarceration (parole also) Community Corrections Probation is a conditional sentence... Community-based corrections are usually made conditions conditions probation Probation is imposed by a judicial officer and can only be terminated or revoked by a judicial officer Community Corrections About 60% of those under correctional control are serving probation sentences... about 4 million persons For every 100,000 US residents, there are 1,649 probationers About 60% of probationers successfully complete their probation terms/conditions Community Corrections Probation may be within the judicial branch or executive branch There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches Community Corrections Parole Person who has been released by a paroling authority to community supervision Legally an inmate Conditional sentence Always within the executive branch Community Corrections Many states have abolished discretionary parole...with indeterminate sentences, and instituted mandatory parole. Mandatory release is the most common release method...with determinate sentences. Community Corrections Parole: About 42% of parolees successfully complete their terms of parole 26%...technical violations 12%...new offense violations Probation and Parole: conditional sentences...technical violations...new offense violations Community Corrections With community-based sanctions risk to public is always a major factor Home Confinement/EHA (Electronic House Arrest Home Confinement: low risk...work, but return home at night usually with a curfew...visits and phone calls... Community Corrections EHA Is technology added to the concept of home confinement/house arrest House arrest has a long history in Europe Intermittent and continuous Voice verification Community Corrections Work release: Maintain job while incarcerated Weekend sentences Pay room and board Able to provide for family Community Corrections Furlough Approaching end of prison term Help to prepare for impending release...a day...a weekend...prepare and acclimate to free society Community Corrections General philosophy of community-based sentencing Crime is a community problem with a community solution Out of sight, out of mind is short sighted since most return to what they left... perhaps worse. ...
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