Lecture 34-Prisons

Lecture 34-Prisons - Pr isons H ousing the wor st or the...

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Unformatted text preview: Pr isons H ousing the wor st or the wor st Pr isons T her e ar e about 1500 state pr isons and 84 feder al pr isons M or e pr isons ar e being built T he pr ison population has quadr upled since 1980 On D ecember 31, 2002, ther e w er e 2,033,331 pr isoner s held in F eder al or State pr isons or in local jails ...w ith about 1.4 mil in pr isons ...in 2006, ther e ar e some 2.3 million in pr isons and jails w ith about 1.6 million Pr isons Among pr ison inmates: About 7 % ar e w omen...has been for year s At year end 2002 ther e w er e 3,437 sentenced black male pr isoner s per 100,000 black males in the U nited States, compar ed to 1,176 sentenced H ispanic male inmates per 100,000 H ispanic males and 450 w hite male inmates per 100,000 w hite males. ...and the pr opor tions ar e essentially the same in 2006. Rate of incar cer ation: 478 per 100,000 U S r esidents...one out of 109 men and one out of 1,695 w omen w er e impr isoned in 2000 Pr isons...new slide T he incar cer ation r ate (pr isons and jails) stands at 737 (per 100,000 population. Consider ing ever yone under cor r ectional contr ol, over 7 million people, ther e is 1 per son for ever y 32 people w ho ar e under cor r ectional super vision in the U S today Pr isons State Pr ison I nmate Char acter istics: 48% of those sentenced to state pr isons w er e convicted of violent offenses 21% ....w er e convicted of pr oper ty cr imes 21%...w er e convicted of dr ug cr imes F eder al Pr ison I nmates Pr isons Par ental status (most r ecent available) I n 1999 an estimated 721,500 State and F eder al pr isoner s w er e par ents to 1,498,800 childr en under age 18. 22% of all minor childr en w ith a par ent in pr ison w er e under 5 year s old. Pr ior to admission, less than half of the par ents in State pr ison r epor ted living w ith their childr en -- 44% of Pr isons I nmate Char acter istics: T he over all r ate of confir med AI D S among the N ation's pr ison population (0.52%) w as about 4 times the r ate in U .S. gener al population (0.13%). Pr isons Educa ti on State pr ison inmates' educational levels w er e: 14.2% had an 8th gr ade education or less; 28.9% had some high school education; 25.1% had a GED ; 18.5% w er e high school gr aduates; 10.7% had some college education; and 2.7% w er e college gr aduates or had advanced degr ees. (1997 data is most cur r ent; U .S . D epa r tment of J usti ce, Bur ea u of J usti ce Sta , p48, T a bl e 4.1; also found in 2003 data ) Pr isons Education in Pr ison: A study of r ecidivism r ates conducted by the Vir ginia D epar tment of Cor r ectional Education found that: of those w ho had no educational pr ogr amming (1,037 per sons) w hile incar cer ated, 49.1% w er e r eincar cer ated in the Vir ginia D epar tment of Cor r ections; of those w ho enr olled in an academic pr ogr am (469 per sons) but did not complete it, 38.2% w er e r eincar cer ated; and of those w ho completed an academic pr ogr am (451), 19.1% w er e r eincar cer ated. ...
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