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hw8a - 7.7 Data on the rate of oxygenation K in streams...

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Unformatted text preview: 7.7 Data on the rate of oxygenation, K, in streams have been obtained for the Cincinnati Pool, Ohio River, at 20°C and sumu marized as follows. (Data from Kothandaraman, 1968.) Range of Kfper day No. of Observations 0000-0049 1 0050—0099 11 0100—0149 20 0150—0199 23 0200—0249 15 0250—0299 11 0300—0349 2 (a) If a normal distribution is proposed to model the oxygena- tion rate at the Cincinnati Pool, Ohio River, estimate the mean and standard deviation of the distribution. ([1) Perform a chi-square test for the goodness-of—fit of the pro— posed distribution at the 5% significance level. 8.6 The error incurred in a given type of measurement by a surveyor appears to be affected by the surveyor’s years of experience. The following is the data observed for five surveyors. Years of Measurement Surveyor Experience, Y ErrorM in. l 3 1.5 2 5 0.8 3 10 1.0 4 20 0.8 S 25 0.5 On the basis of the above information, answer the following and state your assumptions: (:1) For a surveyor with 15 years of esperience, what is the probability that his measurement error will be less than 1 in.? (Ans. 0.713) (b) For a 65~year-old surveyor who has 30 years of experience, can you estimate the probability that his measurement error will be less than 1 in? Please elaborate. ...
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