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1 Psychology M176/CS M116 -- December 2008 – Study Guide for Final Exam The 50 items on the final exam are distributed as follows across the following six topics: 13 Questions About Conflict and Aggression 6 Questions About Beliefs and Values 6 Questions About Cognitive Processing 8 Questions About Stress and External Influences 2 Questions about Case Studies and Qualitative Methods 15 Questions About Interventions The following some of the key terms and concepts that appear on the final exam : 1. unconditional probabilities, conditional probabilities 2. Kurt Lewin definition 3. Common couple violence, intimate terrorism 4. Johnson et al.’s (2004) study on the association between skills and emotions 5. Gottman’s (1979) structural model of marital interaction 6. cognitive editing, asymmetry in the predictability of behaviors 7. phases of the cycle of violence 8. moderating variables 9. demand/withdraw interaction pattern 10. special focus box on intimate terrorism in the reader 11. The ideal standards model
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