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BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS QUESTION Discuss the various types of visual aids currently available and describe the main features of each of the visual aids include in your essay. There are eight main types of visual aids. First, black board. Second, white board. Third, flip charts. Forth, slides. Fifth is LCD. Sixth is overhead projector. Seventh is LCD projector. Eighth is working scale model. The following is about these seven types of visual aids. First, black board is a large, smooth, usually dark surface of slate or other material on which to write or draw with chalk; chalkboard. This is the most common visual aid. Traditional blackboards are rapidly be replaced by white boards. Blackboards have long been considered a quick way to impart information. However most presentations with a blackboard are not visually exciting. Blackboards are being replaced because
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chalk dust can cause serious health problems for teachers and students. Chalk dust also can destroy the tapes, and delicate electronics of the various machines and computers used in modern presentations. Second, a white board has a large, smooth, white surface on which to write or draw with large markers. These bright and colorful markers make it much easier to see the various categories of ideas being presented. If the room has sufficient whiteboard space, multiple groups of can keep track of the ideas that they have independently come up with. Whiteboards are a definite improvement over chalkboards. Third, flip charts can be thought of as a big book with the spine of the book at the top and pages flipped over the top. The flip chart may be hand held, placed on a table, or sit a stand designed to hold it. Pictures, graphs and various types of written material can be put in it prior to the presentation. Notes can also be added during the presentation. It is suitable for presentations to small groups of people that are sitting relatively close to the flip chart. Groups larger than 12 individuals may have trouble seeing the information, unless the flip chart is made extremely
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