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Plant Writing Assigment

Plant Writing Assigment - Plant Writing Assignment In the...

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Plant Writing Assignment In the germination of a seed, the root typically emerges before the shoot. The reason for this relates to the availability of nutrients for the growing plant. Seeds contain storage materials in endosperm or cotyledons. Digestion of these storage materials begins when the seed is exposed to the environmental conditions necessary for germination. This digestion provides nutrients to the embryo’s growing regions. Unfortunately, the nutrients are in limited supply and must be transferred to areas that will promote the plant’s survival. It is essential that the root be a prime recipient of nutrients because its growth will allow for the procurement of more nutrients and water. Establishing the roots early will thus allow the plant to absorb water, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other essential nutrients from the soil. These resources can then be directed to growth of the shoot, as well as further growth of the root.
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