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Midterm 1 - Fall 2008

Midterm 1 - Fall 2008 - First Midterm for Phys.161 Spring...

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First Midterm for Phys.161 Spring, 2008 March 5 Closed Book Time: 50 min. Dr. R. N. Mohapatra Problem 1. You are standing on the ground at the origin of a coordinate system. An airplane flies over you with a constant velocity and at a constant height of 7600 m above you at t = 0. (i) Denoting the height above you as the y-axis, what is the position vector vector P 0 of the plane in vector notation at t = 0 ? Use i and j as unit vectors along the x- and y-direction. [5] (ii) At t = 30 . 0, the position vector is given by vector P 30 = 8400 i + 7600 j . Write down the vector representing the plane’s velocity . [10] (iii) Determine the plane’s position in vector notation at t = 45 sec. . What is the angle between the plane’s position vector and bthe y-axis at t = 45 sec.? [10] (iv) If instead of remaining standing on the ground, you are in a car going at 30m/s along the negative x-direction, what would be the velocity measured in the moving car ? [5]
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Problem 2. A placekicker must kick a football from a point 36.0 m from the goal and the
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