Anthro1 - Syllabus changes th 11/22 thanksgiving tue. 11/...

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Syllabus changes th 11/22 thanksgiving tue. 11/ /sharp and Bodley Thursday 8/23/07 What is cultural anthropology Deals with seeking the answer through society and the person - Investigates the reasons for and implications of culture change - Effects of world politics and economics on society culture and individual people - Broad Spectrum of studies can fall under anthropological consideration. Creates an ephemeral definition of the discipline. ( Does not really hold together it is kind of a fuzzy def. Because its so hard to pin down) Fieldwork is very important Malinowski is father of it - Fieldwork after that became the real defining methodology of anthropology. Uses mind and body as instruments of knowing - Distinction between qualitative versus quantitative - Sociology has a different methodology - Long periods of investigation more then a year usually - Participant observation is a must. Do things as they do. However, some limitations - What comes out of this is ethnography. Meaning written report of a group of people Culture - Culture is humans major adaptations to their environment - Can we know what people would be like without culture? We all need to eat but in cultures all across the world they eat different - No Extended childhood is a trait of all primates. Human infants are to dependent on adults Culture versus culture -Culture with a big C is that major adaptation to our environment. Often tend to think of culture has high living (wine, art, social refinement) - Little c is the idea that different societies have different ideas and practices. Of understand the world - Anthropologist tend to be most interested in the little c- which is the biggest category because of the high level of variation Beginnings of anthropology - The discipline arose partly out of Britain’s colonial expansion in the 19 th century. “Handmaidens of Colonialism” in India, Africa
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Anthro1 - Syllabus changes th 11/22 thanksgiving tue. 11/...

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