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ESS-3 Health and Nutrition Professor Art Gilbert Spring ‘09 Ready for Class #6 1. Name two emerging risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Homocysteine, a blood-borne protein metabolyte, and fibrinogin, a clotting agent, are two emerging risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Other emerging risk factors are CRP, C-reactive protein or a blood-borner marker, and symdrome X (metabolic syndrome) which is a combination of several factors such as high triglycerides, moderate to high blood pressure, elevated
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Unformatted text preview: blood sugar, but not diabetic, overweight but not obese, and abdominal obesity. 2. Name two diseases (other than cardiovascular disease) associated with a high fat diet? Obesity and cancer of the breast and colon are other diseases that are associated with high fat diets. Other diseases associated with high fat diets are gallbladder disease and arthritis....
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