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Class 4 Bb - Human Spirituality Class 4 What is the overall...

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Human Spirituality Class 4 What is the overall human need for spirituality? 0. Spirituality is a practical approach towards living a complete life. 1. The method people use in achieving it is different and they do it differently by using the method differently. 2. When we follow a spiritual life we tend to practice Discipline in some or the other form which transforms our habits, approach and Goals in life. 3. We are always running after something… 4. Our real nature is about spirituality. 5. Spirituality helps us talk to our real self. Why is spirituality important? 6. Spirituality as a way of life concerns itself with aligning the human will and mind with that dimension of life and the universe that is harmonious and ordered. 7. Spiritual disciplines trainees or disciples to cultivate those higher potentialities of the human being that are more noble and refined virtue. 8. Many spiritual traditions across diverse cultures share similar vocabulary: "path", the "work", the "practice." 9. As a spiritual practitioner one seeks to become free of the lesser ego in favor of being more fully one's "true" "Self". What does it fulfill in the human psyche? 0. In psychoanalysis, the psyche refers to the forces in an individual that influence thought, behavior and personality. What similarities do religions share that have brought them to where they are now? 10. The historical origins of religion are to be distinguished from their psychological or social origins. 11.The first religious behavior appearing in the course of human evolution is probably relatively recent (Middle Paleolithic) and constitutes an aspect of behavioral modernity most likely coupled with the appearance of language. 12.The further development of religion spans Neolithic religion and the beginning of religious history with the first documented religions of the Ancient Near East (the polytheistic cults of Egypt and Mesopotamia). What similarities do religions share that have brought them to where they are now? 1
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Language and religion 1. A number of scholars have suggested that the evolution of language was a prerequisite for the origin of religion. 2. Rreligious behavior was present in human populations preceding the out of Africa migration some 60,000 years ago. Why is it called human SPIRITUALITY if we’re just surveying the world’s major RELIGIONS? 3. The need for spirituality may not be necessary for all human beings, but at least for millions of human beings. 4. Different religious traditions all have a spiritual potential to help humanity by promoting human happiness and satisfaction. 5. The aim or purpose of each religion is to answer the questions of seekers, etc. Is there a difference between faith and believing? Faith
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Class 4 Bb - Human Spirituality Class 4 What is the overall...

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