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book that changed my life - Alexis Joyce English 102 MWF...

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Alexis Joyce English 102 MWF 110 Dr. Stilley 1/22/09 1464 The Book That Changed My Life When I was first introduced to reading in the first grade, I disliked books. I continued to despise any kind of book throughout the majority of grade school. I was repulsed by the grueling book reports and activities my teachers would assign following our reading homework. The only time I would dare to open these rectangular-shaped bindings of paper, was when my teachers would give us our treacherous reading assignment. These assignments overwhelmed me, being that the only thing I noticed was pages and pages full of words that I would be forced to “sound out” , or figure out the meaning of the word by pronouncing each letter. I did not like the books I read and I had the slightest bit of interest in any of the storylines I was able to decode. Surprisingly enough, in the beginning of fifth grade, my long battle with books came to a truce. The catalyst for such an extreme change of heart was my fifth grade teacher Judith Barker. Mrs. Barker expressed her fascination with books and made mention that my class would be expected to read thirty pages a day from the books that she had selected. At first I felt that my teacher had unrealistic expectations, and later that night I decided to make mention of changing schools to my mom during our dinner table conversation. After our first reading assignment, my teacher had my class break into groups, each group containing only five people. The objective of each group was to discuss and analyze the passage that they had just read. I enjoyed the stimulating
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debates and breaking apart the symbolism of the books amongst my fellow group members. The books Mrs. Barker chose were phenomenal novels that were hard to put down from the second these novels were opened. Although I cannot remember any of the books I read, I know Mrs. Barker opened the door for my future exploration of books. After the fifth grade, throughout middle school and high school, I always had a fiction book nearby while waiting for some “dead time”, or time that is normally wasted during the transition of activities, to read. Although, I
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book that changed my life - Alexis Joyce English 102 MWF...

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