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In Handel - switching of instruments and volume yet decided...

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In Handel’s See Here The Conqu’ring Hero Comes, Handel uses two musical ideas throughout his piece in an effort to maintain his audience’s attention. Handel opens up his piece with the first musical idea (A) which begins at 0:0 and is built upon for fourteen seconds, when the song is timed at 0:14. The idea is then repeated using timbre, since Handel chooses another instrument to represent his first musical idea. The repetition of A begins at 0:15 and is repeated until 0:29. In the beginning of the song, A is presented using Piano yet is dynamic, being that the song is softened even more during the echo of idea A. Handel’s second musical idea (B) is introduced at 1:30 and is revealed for fourteen seconds as well, ending at 0:44. I noticed the use of timbre and dynamics within idea B when Handel presents the second half of B that sounds similar to B. I had trouble distinguishing whether or not idea B was repeated in the
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Unformatted text preview: switching of instruments and volume yet decided that it was simply a continuation of the idea since the music did not exactly mimic the first half of B. A is then repeated at 0:45-0:59, then again at 1:00-1:14, and for a third time at 1:15-1:29. I this grouping where idea A is repeated, I noticed that Handel used dynamics in elevating the volume of idea A from the initial volume presented in A, yet all three repetitions of A remained the same in nature. Idea B is then reestablished at 1:30 and continues through 1:44. At 1:45 idea A is demonstrated again, continuing the pattern of lasting fourteen seconds until 1:58. At 1:59 -2-13 and 2:14-2:28 the idea is repeated twice more, but with the use of dynamics, the idea is presented noticeably louder. One final presentation of idea B is made at 2:29-2:43 and the song is closed with an even louder presentation of idea A from 2:44-3:00....
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