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The Lottery - Alexis Joyce Dr Lori Stilley English 102 16...

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Alexis Joyce Dr. Lori Stilley English 102 16 February 2009 “Everyday Use” verses “The Lottery” “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson is a short story that is set in a small town of about three hundred villagers. The villagers are summoned to the town square for their annual lottery, a ceremony that is performed to insure a good harvest. The lottery consists of the villagers drawing out the names of the fellow villagers at random from a black box. The black box is not the original black box, rather a box made from the scraps of the original black box. In addition, the names that fill the new black box are made from paper as opposed to the woodchips that filled the original black box. Villagers’ names are then selected from this black box; however, the consequence of being selected is the fate of being stoned to death by the villagers’ peers. “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker is a story told in first person by “Mama”, a woman living a traditional lifestyle in the south with one of her two daughters, Maggie. In the story, Mama’s other daughter, Dee, who previously rejected her heritage, returns to claim a quilt that her Grandmother had
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The Lottery - Alexis Joyce Dr Lori Stilley English 102 16...

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