Ba 200 persausive - The next month the charge showed up again Your customer service representatives explained that I had opened a membership I

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Date: March 16, 2008 To: Ronald Rodriquez From: Theresa Mueller Subject: Good customer service Mr. Rodriquez I recently used free credit and it was exceptionally useful. Not only did it provide me with my credit report, but an analysis what my score meant. Judging by the name (Free Credit Report) I assumed that the service was free, and not clicking a button saying that I agreed to pay for anything I proceed to get my report. To my surprise a charge of 12.99 showed up on my credit card bill. I figured that it was a valuable service that I had received so I paid with little question as to why I got billed.
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Unformatted text preview: The next month the charge showed up again! Your customer service representatives explained that I had opened a membership. I would like my credit card to be credited 25.98 by April 1, 2008. I have attached the related credit card bills. I am not in need of a monthly credit check membership and would have never used the service if I had known that is what I would be given. I am going to be entering the business world in a few years and will be in need of a periodic credit check. Hope to do business with your company again. Attachments (2)...
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