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Theresa Mueller Ba 200 2/17/08 Guidance for the Accountants of Tomorrow This report will aid in the success of future accountants. The information given was provided through an interview with Mrs. Susan Bonner. Her advice concentrates on these four main topics: Make Friends Quick Stay One Step Ahead Admit Faults Have an Honest Interest Bonner has a Masters Degree, CPA, and ten years of real world accounting experience with Walgreens and Sprint. This paper is tailored towards accountants of the future, but can also be pertinent to those going into any business field. Make Friends Quick Make friends in everyway possible. Suggestion: Network during college to create connections needed in the business world. People who attend the same college will go on to work for different companies. These companies can be main customers, suppliers or competitors. Knowing someone on the inside can the advantage needed.
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However, do not limit forming friendships to college; make friends everywhere and anywhere. Nobody knows who is going to be the next CEO of a major company. Example: While studying at University of New York undergrad program,
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Ba 200 Interview paper - Theresa Mueller Ba 200 Guidance...

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