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Theresa Mueller Marketing 360 Chapter 13 Homework Optional Homework - Chap. 13 (DUE Monday Nov. 17) Optional Homework for Chap. 13 (points to be determined later) Page 409. Discussing the Issues: Question 1. half page Question 5. one page Question 6. one page Question 1 According to this chapter sales people have “two masters”- the seller and the buyer. They must accurately represent the company to the buyers. They have to find the customers and correctly depict the company and its products. They have to do all of the middleman and leg work for the company, such as negotiations and closing the deal, for the company. However, sales people also have to serve and convey the customer to the company. Customers can use seller as inside people to communicate their needs and opinions to the company which can create more customer value. Sales people act as intermediaries for both the company they are selling for and for that company’s customers. Question 5 There are many different types of trade sales promotions. Trade promotions are used to persuade the resellers to carry a brand, give it shelf space, promote it in advertising, and push it to consumers. Some of the more common trade sales promotions are price offs, allowances, buy
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marketing 360- chapter 13 homework - Theresa Mueller...

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