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Unformatted text preview: 67-802-0731 Chapter 10 Ethical dilemma In this case no matter what you do the outside of hiring the Executive vise presidents preferred candidate there is going to be social conflict. However, some options are still better than some. Option B would most likely be the best of the tree options. This may make the Executive Vise President feel as though you are going behind his back and may cause tension. This really is the best way to handle the situation because shows you are not alone in your decision and it protects your job and the companies interests, which should be the goal of every employee. The worst of the three options would be Option A. Not verifying someone’s credential could allow a person who is not qualified and more than likely going to be fired to learn private company information. This also means that if this person did lie and is going to be fired that means the company is without A CEO and will have to go through training a new person all over again. It also makes the company look even worse than it already does. ...
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