Chapter 6 - 67-802-0731 Case application Chapter 6 1.)...

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Unformatted text preview: 67-802-0731 Case application Chapter 6 1.) NASCAR has made a lot of good decisions over the years and this is definitely one of those. As I learned in marketing a company must constantly be adapting and looking for new market segments to survive. NASCAR has tried and succeeded in the pursuit of new endorsements because they have penetrated new market segments that were not intrigued by the sport before the new image of racing was implemented. 3.) Of course there is much that Brian must consider before making changes to the company. The most important criteria that he must consider is who he is trying to attract to the sport. How he changes the company’s image to attract these new fans might also be a deterrent to the old fans. Therefore he has to be careful about who he wants to attract and how it is going to change the sport. ...
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