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Chapter 5 - 67-802-0731 Ethical dilemma exercise Chapter 5...

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Unformatted text preview: 67-802-0731 Ethical dilemma exercise Chapter 5 I think that the best option would be Option A. Giving people an incentive to contribute money to help preserve the ecosystem may encourage more people to donate than originally would. The only problem with this idea is that it seems it may hurt the cruise lines profit significantly. However, if it does not this seems like the best way to encourage people to help the ecosystem. The worst choice out of the tree options would be Option B. Requirering you employees to donate their vacation day might have some severe backlash from the employees. They might see this as an invasion of their earned day off being taken away. This could produce a lot of resentment which is not a good thing in any business. This might work if they are required to do this on a normal paid day, but not a vacation day. ...
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  • Spring '09
  • Thompson
  • English-language films, Option A. Giving, Ethical dilemma exercise, Option B. Requirering, cruise lines profit

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