Chapter 4 - 67-802-07 Case Application Chapter 4 1 There are many attitudes that support promote encourage cultural awareness The most prominent is

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Unformatted text preview: 67-802-07 Case Application Chapter 4 1.) There are many attitudes that support, promote, encourage cultural awareness. The most prominent is to be open. Always assume that there is some aspect of another culture that you do not know and may not understand. Also, having an attitude of not being critical or offended is good. Just because something means something in one culture does not mean it has the same meaning in another, and judging people based on a difference in culture can be offensive. 5.) There are many things that a manger who has little global experience must take into account. Besides what I already stated in problem #1 a manager should do research into which culture he might be dealing with. The manager should know the general history of the area, some local customers, and learn what the local culture might find offensive. This will keep the manager from acting inappropriately. Also, learning the local attitude towards life and work will help the manager set better expectations and allow the manager to plan better. ...
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