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Unformatted text preview: 67-802-0731 Thinking about management issues Chapter 2 1.) Henri Fayol would create a workplace where managers from one industry could easily transfer there skills to another. Fayol believed that all managers had similar roles that could be broadly classified. Mary parker Follett would be more concerned as to how managers treated their employees. She would insist that people are a company’s greatest asset. Frederick Taylor would create a work environment were each employee’s skills were matched with their task. This was in an effort to improve productivity. 2.) A Quantitative approach can be used to solve a “people” problem as to motivation and to solve the distribution of work equitability. Sitting down looking at the different consequences from all of the possibilities of different actions would aid managers to choose the best choice. While it may not be as affective in fixing a people problem because human nature is hard to predict it certainly would be helpful in deciding distribution of work equitability. ...
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