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Chapter Eleven Notes (11) Understanding Communication Communication - the transfer and understanding of meaning Interpersonal Communication- communication between two or more people. Methods of Communicating Interpersonally 1. Feedback- how quick can the receiver respond to the message? 2. Complexity Capacity- can the method effectively process complex messages? 3. Breadth Potential- how many different messages can be transmitted using this method? 4. Confidentiality- can communicators be reasonably sure their messages are received only by those indented? 5. Encoding Ease- can the sender easily and quickly use this channel? 6. Decoding Ease- can the receiver easily and quickly decode messages? 7. Time-Space Constraint- do senders and receivers need to communicate at the same time and in the same space. 8. Cost- how much does It cost to use this method? 9. Interpersonal Warmth- how well does this method convey interpersonal warmth? 10. Formality- does this method have needed amount of formality? 11. Scanability- does this method allow the message to be easily browsed or scanned for relevant information. 12. Time of Consumption- does the sender or receiver exercise the most control over when the message is dealt with? Organization Communication- all the patterns, networks, and systems of communication within an organization. Functions of Communication Message- a purpose to be conveyed. Encoding- converting a message into symbols.
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siby notes2 - Chapter Eleven Notes (11) Understanding...

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