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MKTG. 360: INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING ANALYZING MARKETING STRATEGY: AN OPTIONAL RESEARCH REPORT Students interested in earning extra grade credit in MKTG 360: Introduction to Marketing may research and prepare an Optional Research Report. Broad Goal The broad goal of the Optional Research Report is to give the student an opportunity to describe, analyze and evaluate in-depth the marketing strategies and tactics employed in marketing a specific product or service. In the process of the special research, the student uses the basic conceptual framework of marketing management in developing the marketing strategy analysis. The Conceptual Coverage and Organization of the Optional Research Report The Optional Research Report should be organized into five major sections with the following content: ( an approximate page length for each section is included) Section I: Describes the basic product or service in straightforward terms. (1/2 page) Section II: Describes the “real business” of the firm as expressed in “user-benefits” provided to the buyer/user of the product or service. (1 page) Section III: Describes what the firm is actually doing in terms of its current marketing strategy. (4 pages) Section IV: Presents Competitive Analysis of Three Firms A. Systematic Comparison of Three Companies: Target Company vs. Two Competitors on Key Strategic and Tactical Issues B. S.W.O.T. Analysis Summary of Target Company—Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats ( 5 1/2 pages) Section V: Presents recommendations outlining how the firm could improve its marketing strategy and tactics and its market position longer term. (4 pages) Section VI: Lists each contact name, corporate title, address and telephone number of target company and competitors. (Not included in report page count) The framework of the 3 "C's' (Customer, Competition and Company Mission and Objective) and the 4 "P's" (Product, Price, Place/Distribution, and Promotion/ Marketing Communication), the managerial variables manipulated by the marketing manager, can provide a valuable organizational structure for the strategy description.
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extra credit paper guide lines - MKTG. 360: INTRODUCTION TO...

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