Ba quiz 2 - Theresa Mueller 03/09/2008 BA 200- 11:00 am...

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Theresa Mueller 03/09/2008 BA 200- 11:00 am Quiz - #2 I need to arrive promptly Please provide a better example My boss can be difficult for me to deal with The goals he set require him to go beyond his normal work requirements Everything can be attributed to communicating effectively Accountants have well paying jobs That’s an economical suit he’s wearing It can be difficult to discern what he wants We do not want to frighten our clients How many children do you have? She always wears a false fur coat. Can you recommend how to be recognized at a new job? 1.) The best attention getter is one that uses more than one attention getting devise. The most effective of all the combinations is a startling statement accompanied by a story explaining the startling statement. The startling statement initiates one of the strongest human emotions; conflict. This gets the attention of the audience along with getting them thinking. Once they have begun to thing they will continue to do so for the remainder of the speech. The story is an attention getting device that can be used throughout the speech to keep the audiences
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interest while explaining why the startling statement is not crazy. An example of this is; women are better than men in the business world. This controversial issue makes everyone in the audience have internal conflict, but it gets them thinking. Then follow with your main points that back up this idea by using a story.
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Ba quiz 2 - Theresa Mueller 03/09/2008 BA 200- 11:00 am...

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