Ba 200 presentation critique - on blue background does not...

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Theresa Mueller Ba 200 2/27/2008 “The Law of Unintended Consequences” The Speakers were able to give an overall effective speech. They had a purpose, supporting details, and they made it interesting with a good intro and supporting stories. In order to gain the audiences attention the speakers told two stories: One they completed and one that they left the audience to ponder about. I think that both of these were necessary because they needed something to gain our attention (Completed John Baxter story), and then they needed something to keep us interested and listening (Unfinished Mary Contrary story). Both of the stories were intriguing and relevant. The only problem was it was not previewed how the presentation was going to run; I was a bit distracting when the speakers changed. There were a few problems with the presentation though. On one of the slides the print was too small and I was not even sitting near the back. Also, White print
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Unformatted text preview: on blue background does not exactly enhance the audience’s ability to read. At one point Gael stood in front of the projector while referencing to the slide that the audience could not see. Mr. Kohler seemed just as excited and interesting as Gael, however he did not have his usual pep that I am use to seeing in class. There were a few minor problems, but overall an enjoyable speech. The speakers attacked the problem of ethics using reason which usually is good way to perform a speech, particularly at a university. They first pointed out the problems with ethics which really got the audience thinking. Then they proceeded to tell us how to incorporate the message in our daily lives by giving us four questions that we can ask ourselves. This and the stories answered the question “what’s in it for me?”. The stories explained the choices people made that could easily be us in the future and how their decisions affect them...
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Ba 200 presentation critique - on blue background does not...

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