Ba 200- memo - in the regular mail by February 1 st 2008,...

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Memo Date: Jan 16, 2008 To: Archie Sulton From: Theresa Mueller Subject: Order for new product on February 1, 2008 CC: Ronnie Ridicule Order for class training Hi Archie, I would like: -75 packets fo Evenflo Info. Pac #23 -75 2” black binders -75 copies of “How to swim with Sharks without being eaten Alive” by Harvey Mackay I need these for a class I will be teaching on the new software. I needed all of these sent
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Unformatted text preview: in the regular mail by February 1 st 2008, and I need one of each to be overnighted to me immediately. Please mail to: Theresa Mueller 5056 w. Omaha Skokie Il. 60631 If you have any questions please call me for clarification. Thank You! Theresa Mueller (773) 951-6514...
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