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ba 200 - Some examples of jargon in my field are net...

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Theresa Mueller BA 200 2/7/08 P89-90 #6-15 6. Revision involves improving content and sentence structure; proofreading involves correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, format, and mechanics. 7. Consciousness is especially important in business because writing concisely saves time and therefore money, which is the entire point of business 8. A long lead-in is having too many unnecessary introductory words. Such as: I am emailing you to bring to your attention that I took the file. Correction: I took the file. 9. Adverbs such as very, really, and actually are make you sound less credible and businesslike. 10. A redundancy convey a meaning more than once. 11. Jargon is special terminology that is peculiar to a particular activity or profession. Jargon can be used when communicating with someone who also understands the jargon.
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Unformatted text preview: Some examples of jargon in my field are net balance and accrued rent expense. 12. When a verb is converted into a noun expression weakens business writing an example of this “made an observation” when the writer should simply state “observed.” 13. Proofreading should be done once the entire message has been written. It is easier to pick up the overall tone of the message. Proofreading before the document is omitted can be a waste of time. 14. When proof reading, special attention should be given to spelling, grammar, punctuation, names and numbers, and format. 15. When proofreading complex documents you should allow adequate time, prepare to find mistakes, reduce reading speed, and read it twice. These additional proofreading techniques are not usually necessary for routine documents....
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ba 200 - Some examples of jargon in my field are net...

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