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1. Motorola Canada 2. Motorola Canada is dedicated to achieving market leadership in Canada and contributing to worldwide new product development. We will accomplish this by placing the customer first, by providing opportunities to our employees to contribute and grow, and by developing new and innovative partnerships . 3. a . mission- to achieve new product development through a successful business b. goals- Design our products to be recyclable, Reduce, eliminate or substitute the use of hazardous substances, Reduce energy use by our products, Increase the use of recycled materials in our products, Minimize the ratio of packaging material to product volume, Label all plastic parts weighing more than 4 grams to aid future recycling c. strategies- First learn from the Japanese, and then compete with them, secondly become more efficient than the Japanese. 4. a. tactics- stream line operations to eliminate waste, reevaluate resources consumption
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Unformatted text preview: to alleviate input costs by staffing efficiency experts. b. operations- eliminate unnecessary input consumption and unproductive labor. 5. While like any major company Motorola Canada tries to implement all of the competitive strategies listed on page 43. However the one that it is currently trying to improve upon based on its strategies and tactics is Price. It is currently working to low its input costs in hopes of higher revenues and passing that profit on to its consumers. 6. Week Crew size SURVEYS CONVEYED LABOR PRODUCTIVITY 1 4 726 181.5 2 3 526 175.3 3 4 720 180 4 2 375 187.5 5 3 522 174 6 2 375 187.5 7 6 672 112 8 5 717 143.4 9 6 677 112.83 10 5 721 144.2 Productivity=outputs = Surveys conveyed Inputs Crew Size It seems to be that the larger the crew is the lower the productivity for that week is. This may be because it is more difficult to coordinate more people, or the people feel that they have to contribute less because someone else will cover for them....
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